Sunala works collaboratively with its coding partners, and operate as distributors in the UK and Irish Pharmaceutical markets

Flexible laser marking systems for many applications

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Videojet laser marking systems offer high reliability and quality coding. Carry out laser marking on almost any material, giving a wide range of application options.

The advantages of the laser marking systems are high speeds, consistent print quality, printing on extremely small areas and operation in almost any environment.

Large character printing

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Videojet offers various printing systems using large or medium fonts. Two technologies are used: impulse jet and valve jet. In industry, these systems are used primarily for marking secondary packaging. Many products, including cardboard boxes can easily be printed on with their large character inkjet printer.

Small character inkjet systems

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Maximum speed for small character inkjet printing.
With Videojet’s range of small character inkjet with their systems, there is a choice for every application. From high to very high speeds, font sizes from 0.6 to 12 mm and up to eight lines of print.

User-friendly message creation, connection to networking software, and “no-code-no-run” are all available options with their small character inkjet printers.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting

The Zodiac HS from ICE is a top of the range Solid State Coder which for years has delivered consistent, trouble free, on-line digital thermal transfer overprinting. Using state of the art technology and software, the printer delivers peak performance, extreme reliability and precise accuracy of coding data.

Sunala (Part of the Travtec group) in partnership with Videojet and Ice