Offline track and trace

TR-750 TT High-speed flat-carton feeder for Off-line Track & Trace Coding

Sunala has introduced a high speed feeder for the cost-effective off-line coding of variable information, including Track & Trace data, onto pharmaceutical cartons.

The Travtec TR-750-TT Speed-Feeder is designed to feed un-erected cartons and blister cards for the coding of Alpha-numeric text and 2D Datamatrix serialised codes for Track & Trace and French CIP13 regulations. The carton is presented to the coder in a horizontal orientation, allowing the top face to be accessed.

The feeder incorporates a Wolke m600 Advanced thermal inkjet printer which offers the high resolution print quality required to comply with the latest coding regulations. The fully integrated machine also features an OCR/OCV vision system with fail-to-safety flap reject unit and shingling conveyor for safe & efficientcollection of finished product.

The TR-750-TT can handle cartons up to 400mm long, 350mm wide and 5mm thick, with throughput speeds up to 250 products per minute, depending on the pack size. The user-friendly design ensures product changeovers can be completed in a few minutes.